Responsive Web Design devices & Optimised Web Development
  • 25th April 2017,
  • Consultancy • Education
  • Staffordshire, United Kingdom

Rocketeer required an LMS for providing online courses to their students and a client-facing CMS website that looked professional but also had a design that would communicate well with students of any age. I was involved with Rocketeer from the ground up, thinking up the name and theme itself. As a start-up and being in the industry of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship for education, they needed a website design that would inspire their students and clients to get on board with their educational programmes and courses.

Core Features

Responsive CMS Website

Rocketeer Enterprise required a CMS so pages, programmes and blog posts could be added effortlessly via the Editor. Consistent with the name, the design of the web pages give a smart yet approachable look and feel; suitable for both clients and students.

Virtual Learning Environment Development

Virtual Learning Environment

The students undertaking Rocketeer’s eLearning courses needed to be able to undertake them online. The content was distributed in bite size chunks and gamified through design. The VLE also featured casual and strict quizzing, contextualised content, forums, groups, progressive forms and integrated assignments.

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