Responsive Web Design Development - SO VR
  • 14th July 2017,
  • Gaming
  • Manchester, United Kingdom

As a start-up business SO VR needed a pre-launch website to gain interest with pre-bookings and later a responsive¬†CMS website that could adapt and evolve with them as they grow. As a Virtual Reality Gaming Arcade, they needed the ability to add/remove games easily themselves from their gaming lineup as the industry continues to provide new experiences. On top of that, they can easily edit their website’s copy to suit and have the ability for customers to book a session.

Core Features

Website Games Library

Games Library

SO VR can easily manage their website’s VR games library by adding, removing and editing their line-up. It allows customers to get an up-to-date games list to browse before they book or arrive for a session.

Website Booking Integration

Integrated Booking System

Chris had found a booking system he wanted to use for his business and needed it integrating with his website so visitors could choose a session and book.

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