Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) allows search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo to index your website's pages and media in an optimal way, and helps them to know when to choose to show your website for relevant search queries.

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SEO is a very powerful and sometimes overlooked part of your website. I can make the most of your free channel of organic traffic by method of non-scrupulous, schema-documented techniques. If your website isn’t optimised for SEO, you’re missing out on a large, free source of organic traffic for your website. It’s quite likely you may have found my website from search, and without my website’s optimisation for it—you probably would have never come across my site.

Another great benefit of investing into an SEO optimised website is it creates a long-term, reliable source of constant free website traffic, whereas, compared to advertising for example, when you run out of money – your Ads will stop, and so will your traffic.

SEO still requires your consideration after development is complete, so for when you or your writer needs to publish new content on your website, I have written an article on simple tips for optimising your content for SEO. It should keep your website at peak performance and above the competition.

Improved online discoverability

You want your customers to be finding you easily on the web through other channels online too, other than just ranking in organic search results. I can provide you with guidance on ways to accomplish that, such as getting your local business found online.

Improved click-through rates

With Rich Snippets and Knowledge Graphs I can enhance your website presence in search results pages to make you stand out from the crowd with things such as star-ratings, product information, author information, videos, images etc inside your search results snippets.

Increased organic website traffic

With all this search optimisation, ultimately you’ll find yourself with a return on investment through increased website traffic from organic (free) channels, and the more customers you have entering your funnel will equate to more successful conversions (e.g. sales).

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