Monitoring how your users behave with website analytics software is important, you need to be aware of how your website is being used.

Website data Google Analytics services

I can set-up your website with analytical software where you can easily monitor metrics and KPIs straight from your website’s dashboard and understand your visitor behaviour whilst studying the formula for success and maximise your conversions. On top of that, I offer professional website analytics services (see below).

Website analytics reporting

Do you know where your customers are coming from online, who your audience currently is or how they behave on your website? I can create custom dashboards, alerts and professionally report this all for you.

Goal Conversions

Do you need to make sure your users are doing what you want them to do and going where you want them to go? I can set-up ‘goals’ for your website, creating conversion funnels so we can analyse your website performance and conversion efforts.

Campaign Tagging

Running a marketing campaign in multiple online marketing channels? I can set-up tagging so you can monitor your efforts and determine which tactics within those marketing channels are proving most effective.

Split Testing

Interested in squeezing every last potential ounce out of your customers? With split testing, we can analyse the effect that changing parts of your website has on its success and conversion rate.

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