There's a lot to consider when starting to decide how to best set-up your website, emails and applications.

Website domain, hosting, security, business applications and email

Before we can start developing your website, you will need to have chosen a website domain name and hosting package, so that your website has an address and somewhere to live on the web.

Along with email configuration, you may also want to consider an application suite to power your business productivity.


Website Domain and Hosting

Do you know what options are available to you when choosing your website’s domain name and hosting package? In that guide, find a link with discount codes and offers when purchasing, if you haven’t already.

Whichever hosting provider you are with or choose is no problem. (Such as Vidahost, GoDaddy, Namecheap, AWS, 123reg …etc).

I can help you choose, offer advice, and configure it all for you.

Email Configuration

If you’re after a basic webmail set-up for emails, I can create inboxes and forwarders for you and your employees, however, I’d recommend you consider an Application Suite, as it provides powerful benefits.

Application Suite set-up

Application or Productivity Suites, such as G Suite or Office 365, offer many powerful benefits for your business. They provide an array of integrated email and business apps all accessible anywhere from the cloud, such as Word-Processing, Spreadsheets, Storage, Calendars, Email… etc.

Not sure if you need one, or unsure which to choose? Read my article on choosing an application suite for your business, and contact me for discount coupons.

Website SSL configuration

I can configure an SSL certificate to enable HTTPS for your website, the S stands for secure. It is quickly becoming the norm across the web. It encrypts connections between your browser and web server, meaning data can’t be intercepted, and also boosts your SEO!

I can also provide advanced security for WordPress websites.

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